Online Coaching Program

Shed Fat, Build Lean Muscle, and Boost Energy Levels so that you can focus and be more present with the things that matter most to you like your family & career.

All while building healthy, sustainable habits that continue to serve you for a lifetime.

"What Kind of Results Can I Expect with Online Coaching?"

  • Boost of confidence after shedding pounds of fat & building lean muscle

  • Decrease in aches & pains which means being able to play with your kids without needing hours or even days to recover

  • Spike in energy levels that result in more productivity and cruising through your day rather than the sluggish feeling that has plagued you for years

  • Dramatic improvements in mental clarity and focus which allows you be more present and effective with your family and in your career

"What Do I Get With Online Coaching Membership?"

  • Full assessment via Zoom to determine needs, goals, movement limitations and abilities so that a program that is truly custom made to your needs & goals is created

  • Monthly custom program designed based on needs, goals, and progress. Workouts are delivered via the COVAL Coaching app

  • Daily habits and accountability to help you shed fat, build lean muscle, and boost your energy levels all delivered through the COVAL Coaching app where you will be interacting with me

  • Weekly check-ins to monitor progress and any necessary adjustments can be made

  • Adjustments to your training program when you travel based on equipment availability. I will help you coordinate finding a gym for you if you need help (I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and high-level salesman that travel often for work)

Packages for Online Coaching are for 6-months. Apply below.

*Not everyone will be accepted to the program

"I've always been one to shy away from gyms, not feeling like I fit with the culture. My experience with COVAL has flipped my preconceived notion. COVAL is one of the most welcoming and places that I've had the pleasure to work out in and develop a community with.

COVAL has given me the tools to be successful in weight loss, meal prep, nutrition and exercise techniques. If you're shy or hesitant about taking the next step towards a healthier and happier you like I was, know that you'll quickly find a home at COVAL. What better way to invest, than to invest in yourself!"

James Gulvas

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