Your Diet Won't Save You

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021
Diets can help you get going in the right direction, but ultimately if you're not acquiring new behaviors and skills along the way, then you will continue to hop from diet-to-diet throughout your lifetime.
This can lead to TONS of frustration and understandably so. 

Rather than focus on a diet, I encourage you to start looking at different behaviors that you can focus on and environmental shifts. 

For example, was doing an awesome job with breakfast and dinner, but lunch was always a challenge.  The client would go out with co-workers for lunch which would always be a spot that was super challenging to get anything healthy.  Not only that, but the focus of the group was not to refuel for the afternoon, but more so to find delicious food to escape the stress of the job.  It had been this way for my client for years. 

We weighed a number of different options, but ultimately settled on this: 

The client and their work crew had 3 different spots that they consistently went to. 

We scoped out some healthier options that we nearby those 3 spots and found items on the menu that aligned with the clients desired results. 

The client would go to the healthy restaurants when they went out, get their food, and then go back and meet up with their work crew at the less healthy spot.  

Luckily, we didn't have to go as extreme with the environment shift of ditching the clients work friends, but we simply changed their behavior in order to get more align with their goals.  

The result?  They shed another 5 lbs over the next 2 months, dropped a dress size, and had a much better quality of life because they got the results that they wanted, they felt better mentally and physically, and maintained their social life. 

My advice for you?  Pick the low hanging fruit of behaviors that you can change (i.e. something that you're motivated to do and will be relatively easy to implement) and/or environmental changes that can be implemented and watch your results dramatically improve over the next couple of months.

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