Why I Wear A Backpack Everywhere That I Go

Mike Coval
July 1, 2021

Someone asked me recently why I always have my backpack on.

I take it with me to the gym. I take it home. I take it with me for appointments and meetings. It's with me almost 100% of the time.

To sum it up, having my backpack with me at all times allows me to be as efficient as possible.

I have three things in there.

1) My laptop

2) My planner

3) Books that I like to read

All 3 allow me to be productive no matter where I am.

Rather than sitting there waiting for my wife to get done with an appointment I can get extra work done or educate myself.

I arrive early for a meeting (which is pretty much always) I can be respectful of the other persons time and not disturb them while I get work done or educate myself.

Or like today as I type this, I planned on coaching from 8AM-noon. However, we had a minor flood so while I wait for the restoration company to come, I can sit in my office and write my content for the week.

My backpack is my main efficiency tool. It houses everything that allows me to extract the most from each day.

My hope is that by sharing this that you either:
1) Are inspired to figure out how to make your life more efficient

2) Send me an email on a "hack" that you use to be as efficient as you can each day 🙂 I've got some other go-to's that I use for managing email, social media, working out nearly every day, and more. It would be cool to get a little thread going to share ideas!

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