What to Do When the Stress & Weight Pile On

Mike Coval
January 5, 2021

I can't remember a more stressful time than the time that we're living in.

Here's the thing, I don't see it de-escalating in the near future either.  The reality is that the rest of 2020 is going to be a rough ride for multiple reasons.

There has never been a more difficult time to stay on top of your self-care and the truth is I know that a lot of people have been letting that slide over the past few months.

If this is you, then no judgment from me.  This type of stuff happens.

However, what's going to be your first step to get back on track?

This doesn't have to be clich√© "start working out" advice or "start eating your vegetables" talk either.  The reality is a generic narrative like that will likely be ineffective anyway.

Perhaps a better perspective is to ask yourself what is currently draining all of your energy and how can you mitigate that one thing?

Are you viewing too much toxic media online?

Are you engaging in conversations that are ultimately resulting in you getting no closer to your goal of engaging in said conversation and instead are robbing you of your energy on a daily basis?

Are you not socializing with friends and family enough?  I know this can be tricky in our current climate, but perhaps you can do so for the benefit of your mental health AND be responsible at the same time.

I'll give you an example.  There are two things that I've done over the past two months that have done WONDERS for my mental health. 

1)  I focused on what I have control over.  I do this most times anyway, but I had to double down on my mental effort here over the past couple of months given all that we've been up against from a business standpoint.  I can complain, whine, and bitch about the restrictions that have been set in-place OR I can understand that they are what they are and then adapt to make the best of the situation.  It's a pretty easy choice for me.

2)  I started playing basketball again.  Once the baskets were put back up on public basketball courts, I started getting back outside.  Playing basketball and getting some vitamin D at the same time has been a pretty stellar cocktail for my mental health.

We're only half way through 2020.  What will you do to take control of both your mental & physical health for the remainder of the year?

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