What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Mike Coval
February 22, 2021

Break a sweat every day.

Believe that you're better than what you're showing/producing.

Do your best to be as kind and respectful to everyone that you encounter.

Calvin has to be allowed at whichever location I train out of (seriously, I have it in the contract).

These are a few of the things that I do my best to live by each and every day.

Am I 100% on these things? Nope (except for Calvin :-)) Being 100% isn't the point either. We're human beings. Screwing up is going to happen.

However, these non-negotiables that we set for ourselves help shape who we are. Without them, we're wandering aimlessly trying to please everyone, saying "yes" to everything, and when it's all said and done we're dissatisfied and unhappy.

If there's any area in your life that you're not satisfied with, then I recommend setting a non-negotiable for yourself in that area. You won't be 100% with it initially, nor will you likely be ever, but if you can take yourself from executing 25% of the time to 80% of the time then that's a pretty drastic turnaround and will more than likely result in you not being dissatisfied with that aspect of your life any longer.

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Mike Coval

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Coval Fitness is a Personal Training Studio and Gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan
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