The Value of Being True to You & Knowing What You Want: Part 1

Mike Coval
March 29, 2021

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher: "Okay class, I want you to color Grover red."

Me: (starts coloring)

PKT: "Michael, why are you coloring Grover blue?"

Me: "Because Grover is blue."

PKT: "Well, you were asked to color Grover red."

Me: "I know, but he's not red. Elmo is. I'm going to color him blue because he's blue."

This was an example that the teacher used with my mom at parent teacher conferences at the end of the year. She was questioning whether or not I should be allowed to go to kindergarten because I had a hard time following instructions.

The truth is, I've never been good at following the path that someone else wants for me, but I have been very successful when allowed to operate on my own terms and work toward things that have meaning for me.

High school? Hated it. Wasn't interesting. That's why I graduated with a 2.3 GPA and each semester was on the verge of being held back due to too many absences. Had to go to community college and get my GPA up just to get into college.

College? Hated it a little less than high school. Slightly interesting to me. 3.2 GPA and a piece of paper. Meant very little to me at the time and to this day it means almost nothing.

After college I start meeting people within my field, find opportunity after opportunity to learn and become better, and gain valuable experience doing what I love to do? This is where all of my learning truly took place and I have meaningful tangibles to accompany the learning.

Clients who's lives transform in a positive way physically, mentally, socially...forever.

Athlete's of mine who go on to live their dream of playing the sport that they love in college or in some cases even professionally.

Being able to take everything that I learn from reading, taking courses in-person & online, and then transferring that to coaching sessions and seeing live transformations happen right there on the spot (i.e. getting rid of someone's knee pain, etc)....for me there's nothing I find more fulfilling than helping people and using "personal training" as the front.

To be finished on Wednesday....

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