The Email Meant For A Loved One, Not For You

Mike Coval
January 5, 2021
If you subscribe to this newsletter, then you already ahead of the message I'm about to share. 

This is meant for you to share with a loved one who is behind the message.   

If during this pandemic, someone is taking every pre-caution to make sure that they're safe from COVID-19 (and they should), then I assume they place a high value on their life. 

I would assume the same person implements most of these practices into their life: -exercises regularly-eats healthy most of the time-strives to get adequate sleep-does their best to focus within and what they can control rather than on the external world and what they don't have control of and blaming everyone else for their problems-enjoys the "bad" things in life in moderation.

However, I know this isn't true.   I think people are realizing how fragile life really is.  

One of my many hopes of this pandemic occurring is that people start to acknowledge the best thing they can do to ensure they not only decrease the chances of losing their life to a virus or disease, but to live a more fulfilling and happier life, is to start taking better care of themselves.   

The alternative is to keep living the same lifestyle pre-COVID-19 and be less prepared for the next global  pandemic, or worse, slowly create your own "pandemic' in the form of a self-inflicted disease i.e. heart disease, the #1 killer in America per the CDC). 

Please share this with a loved one who needs to hear it.

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Mike Coval

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