Sometimes, Success is All About Timing

Mike Coval
January 2, 2021

There's been a good number of times over the years that we've recommended plans of action or small baby steps for clients to implement inside of the gym, outside of the gym, and sometimes both.

From time-to-time they will do their best to try and implement a particular new habit, only to not have success with it initially and then come back to that same habit months or even years later and then absolutely execute it flawlessly.  In turn, they feel better, look better, and perform better.

One thing to keep in mind, some things may never be right for you.  This is fine, but having the awareness to be able to acknowledge that will do you wonders in regard to saving you time, stress, and grief.  With this comes an adjustment in expectations in order to increase your chances of finding happiness.  This isn't forever, but it is definitely for right now.

Has this happened to you before?  What was different the second (or third) time around when you gave that particular habit a try that lead to you having success?

Or maybe you're in the latter scenario.  What do you feel is the biggest roadblock for you?  Do you feel that you need to adjust your expectations or do you feel that you're on the fringe of figuring it out and having success with this particular area?

Let's hear it!

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Mike Coval

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