"So What?"

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021

We all have that voice inside of our heads.  Yes, that voice.  The one that creates doubt and prevents us from living our best life.  It's louder for some than others.

That voice can create anxiety.  That voice can create paralysis by analysis.  That voice can drive feelings of inadequacy.  The list goes on and on of what that voice does to us.

We can use a question that we ask ourselves when this voice creeps in our minds that can help us not only rationalize the feelings we're experiencing, but also help us take action and make progress.

"So what?"

"What if nobody likes my speech?"  So what

"What if I do all of this work and then nobody shows up?"  So what

"What if I wear this dress/pants and people think I look fat?"  So what

"What if people think I'm something that I'm not?"  So what

"So what" doesn't come from a place of not caring.  We all care.  Anybody who tells you that they don't is a liar.

"So what" comes from a place of providing perspective for yourself.  The realization that whatever feeling is starting to overcome you is nothing more than that; a feeling. 

"So what" can provide the details of where to go next.

Next time anxiety, doubt, or self-loathing knocks on your door check what triggered those feelings with "so what?" 

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