REVAMPED!!! Lean AF Dad Blueprint 2.0

The 12 Week Program That Helps Busy, Family & Career Driven Dads over 35 get Jacked, Lean, & More Energetic

It's time you start putting your physical and mental health first so you can be your best for your family & your career

"I don't have enough time"....

"I don't have hours each day to cook meals..."

"There's no way I can spend 2 hours in the gym 3-4x per week."

"I'm getting old..."

These are super common misconceptions that many dads that I've worked with over the years have about what it takes to live a healthy life where they can thrive.

What ends up happening is these misconceptions turn into beliefs.

The beliefs turn into every excuse in the book to not prioritize their physical & mental health.

The excuses lead to....

-being overweight

-low energy and sex drive

-physically deteriorating year after year

-not being able to give as much time, energy, and passion to their family and career

The good news?

These beliefs are all bullshit.

You can make the time for all of these things and completely transform your life.

How do I know?

Because I've helped dad's just like you for over 12+ years now.

And because I've made a concentrated with my physical activity, nutrition, and mindset which helped TREMENDOUSLY when my daughter arrived 3.5 months earlier than we anticipated (more on this later)...

Does it suit your needs? That's the question.

Discover genuine feedback from our valued clients.

Bill R

"The plan was laid out. All I did was follow it to a T Having a lifting plan that I could do 4x per week was major for me. With my diet I kept it really simple and switched out the highly processed foods for veggies, protein, sweet potatoes, and rice. I travel a lot for work, but having these really basic principles to lean on, made it way easier than I thought it would be to lose over 50 lbs. My energy is through the roof and I feel even more like an athlete than I did in college when I played football."


"The nutrition side of things has always been my biggest challenge. We stuck to simple principles that allowed me to not feel deprived. I was still able to enjoy the foods that I loved with the people I love which made things much more sustainable. Couple that with the training program and I was able to lose 60+ pounds and keep it off!"

Dave H

"I tried losing weight and keeping it off so many times on my own. Once I received my plan and stuck to it, I couldn't believe how much easier losing weight was than I thought it was going to be. Over 11 months I was able to lose nearly 80 lbs! It actually was too much weight for me, so I asked Mike if we could slowly add some weight back onto my frame which took another 3 months, but we added 13 pounds back on which I was happy with, felt amazing, and have continued to stay at."


"One of the biggest differences for me was having my partner be a part of this process. We both started going to the gym, eating healthier, skipping Happy Hour....having someone that I love and care about mad the process much more manageable. I highly recommend getting your partner on-board to accelerate your progress and make this a long-term lifestyle change."

Matt R

"I work long hours in a career that is very high pressure. Before I was drained at the end of the day and had very little energy for my wife & kids once I got home. The biggest difference was once I started training 3x per week consistently and started regularly eating a protein packed breakfast for a few months did things start to turnaround for me. I obviously look better, but the biggest for me was more energy to give to my family.

Markaman C

"I like beer and I'm what they would call a "foodie". I like working out too, but always had trouble finding a balance between what I enjoy and what is best f or my body. I've finally gotten to the place where I consistently lift every week and do cardio outside of the gym which has allowed me to continue to enjoy the foods and drinks I love without my body looking like I don't workout and take care of myself."

Here's How Working on My "Daily 3" Helped Me When My Daughter Was Born 3.5 Months Early

December, 15, 2021 - The Day Mya Arrived

Mya wasn't due until March 24, 2022.

However, things don't always go as planned and after a long day of training clients, I plopped myself into my chair in my office at the gym.

I pulled my phone out and there was a text from Heba that said

"Come home. My water just broke."

I'm thinking "holy shit...what in the hell is happening?"

A week later Mya arrived.

It was such a roller coaster of emotions, but when I stopped, collected myself, and thought about the situation I broke it down like this.

"There's nothing I can do other than trust that she's in the best care possible....which she is."

Then my next thought was Heba. "How can I best be there for Heba?' I figured that out and would act as needed.

I didn't even wonder what I was going to do because I knew what I had to do.

I had to keep doing what I've been doing all along.

Focusing on my mental and physical health...which was beyond critical in this life situation.

Mya would be in the NICU for the next 100 days before she could come home. During that time I made it to the hospital every day, was there for my wife, and didn't miss a day of working out during that time.

I knew what would happen to me if I wasn't working out and doing things like playing basketball and meditating to take care of my mental health.

For nutrition, I adapted. I kept getting my meals delivered to the house, and then adopted Panera Bread as my other go-to option (it was on the way to the hospital). I had 2 go-to meals that gave me adequate amounts of protein and fiber.

Mya was finally able to come home on her due date (3/24/22) and I simply continued to live by these habits I had built over time.

Mya is healthy and thriving now.

Heba is in a much better place and back on it with living the healthy lifestyle she had before Mya.

Over a year later and I'm in the best shape I've been in in quite some time.

I reflect over this past year and a half and there's no way in hell I would have done as well as I have if I wasn't taking care of business with my physical activity, nutrition, and mindset.

That's why I'm here to help you now. I know how powerful it is and how life changing it can be.

Pics below: Left; Mya Mohammed Coval, Born 12/15/21: 2 lbs 1 oz / Right: First family vacation in Miami on 1/2/23

Why You Struggle & Why "Lean AF Dad Blueprint" is Your Solution

Here are the three biggest mistakes
holding you back from the results you’ve always wanted.

  • Putting too much pressure on yourself & thinking there's only one way to get the results you want which leads to inconsistency & inaction

  • Lack of consistency & accountability

  • Not having the right mindset to make a healthy lifestyle a long-term solution

This Is Why "Lean AF Dad Blueprint" Is The Solution

  • You're given a plan that's flexible and adaptable yet will keep you consistent

  • Your plan is developed months in advance and modified as needed for the next 12 weeks along with daily accountability through the "COVAL Coaching" app

  • Mindset is one of the 3 pillars of this program and what we focus on in order to create long-term change.

Busy, Family & Career Drive Dads Like You Getting Results

"The Lean AF Dad Blueprint has allowed me to manage my healthy lifestyle much easier than before. Being a regular, energetic presence with my wife and kids is of utmost importance so having a plan and not having to think about anything other than executing it has allowed me to have the success I was looking for"


Here’s what you get inside your 12 Week Lean AF Dad Blueprint package:

Personal access to me

  • Via the "COVAL Coaching" app messages

  • The "Lean AF Dad Blueprint" Facebook group

  • Ask unlimited questions. You will never feel alone

Done For You Training & Daily Physical Activity Plan

  • Up to 5 days per week in the gym priming lean muscle growth

  • Program design that follows science based principles

  • Customizable based on equipment availability

Exclusive Resources

  • Welcome Manual that will give you all the info you need to set you up successfully for the program

  • Food & supplement recommendations

  • Hundreds of instructional and educational videos

Lean AF Dad Blueprint Facebook Group

  • Consistent posting schedule to give you the content you need to steadily make progress & become the best version of you

  • Share your wins & interact with like-minded individuals for extra motivation

Nutrition That Flows with the Busy Demands of Being a Dad & High Achiever

  • Flexible nutrition plan

  • A very basic, yet effective emphasis on 1 principle and 1 strategy that will help you make dramatic progress in 12 weeks time

  • Set the foundation for a more specific plan after the 12 weeks

A Promise

  • By you signing up and giving your all, we guarantee you results that you're more than satisfied with

  • I will help you get back on track if you fall off. The facts are people fall off track. If that happens we will strategize how to get you making progress again

  • 24-hour response time & continually working with you to make any necessary adjustments to ensure your success

P Mac

"Having a window of time where I am allowed to eat vs no window helps me control my calorie intake. That's been my #1 key to success."


"There's two components to this program that helped me tremendously: 1) The community. Being with a like minded group of individuals with a common goal helped so much to stay on track. 2) When it comes to my nutrition, I'm a rule follower. Having a set of rules to follow allowed me to make substantial progress in just 6 weeks."

Walid Y

"I would say that as dads we are programmed to think that we can or should do everything ourselves. Sure, you could design your own plan. You would be doing it without professional training. You could try to fix your furnace, but beyond a certain point, unless you are a professional or have spent years working on furnaces, you will eventually ask a professional for help. This is no different. Mike is a professional. He tailors your plan to your goals and takes the guesswork out of it. The final piece was getting in the habit of making this a consistent weekly practice. Now I HATE missing my workouts and feel so much better because I'm eating better and sleeping better"

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you go through the 12 weeks, successfully complete 80% of your daily 3 habits, and can honestly say you put in the work but didn't get the results that you want, then I will refund you 100% of your money back.