Russel Wilson Invests $1 Million Per Year Into His Mind And Body

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021

You might have seen the reports on this a few weeks back.

I heard a good number of people reply with "must be nice". 

First off, I despise the phrase "must be nice".  I could do two week's worth of newsletter on why I can't stand hearing it, but I'm going to spare everyone.  I'll just say that it discounts all of the hard work and sacrifice that someone like Russel made to be in the position that he is in so that he can afford to invest that much money in himself.

Second, in the context of this story , "must be nice" implies that if those people had $1 million to invest in their mind and body then they would do the same as Russel Wilson.

It implies that what is holding them back is that they don't have that kind of money to hire a personal chef, a 24/7 personal trainer, and everything else that goes into the preparation of your mind & body.

Well, for those that are thinking or saying "must be nice" I've got some excellent news for them.

They don't need a million dollars to:

-workout consistently

-eat better

-prioritize sleep

-not waste time on relationships with people that are toxic or take away from your happiness & productivity

The list goes on & on.

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Mike Coval

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