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Mike Coval
January 5, 2021

Imagine starting your life off after graduating from college.  Not just any college.  You graduated with a degree in Engineering from an Ivy League school.  You've worked your butt off for 4 years and you're super eager to get your life started.

Then life comes at you hard.

Your father becomes ill and you find out that he needs a heart transplant.  Not only that, but he is no longer able to run the family restaurant and your mom can't either because she needs to be there for your dad.

Oh, and the family restaurant is 70 miles from home.  

Your day literally starts at 630 AM and you don't walk in the door until 1230 AM.

Most would think that there isn't any possible way that this person could focus on their own health and get into the gym during the week.  However, most have never met G.

See, G has not only been coming into the gym during this time, but:

-he's been coming 4x per week.  Comes to the gym first thing in the morning, and then does his 70+ mile commute.  While he was in school he did it 4x per week during the summer.  After he graduated he spent part of his week in Ann Arbor & then the rest in Ohio.

-he's been doing this for nearly 2 years now

-during this time he's put on over 15 pounds of muscle

-he's mostly eliminated low back pain that's plagued him for years (he tells me it bothers him if he doesn't do the "resets" in his warm-up…hint…hint)

-he's gotten stronger, more confident, and feels better than ever before

G had an easy way out.  He didn't take it.  He put in the work and this speaks so much to his character.

His dedication and commitment to his family.

His dedication and commitment to his own health.

His dedication and commitment to the process.

No matter what G decides to do with his life, there's no doubt he's going to have a ton of success.

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Mike Coval

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