Peanut Butter Berry Delight

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021

I've had a decent run with these recipe post, so I figure "why not keep it rolling?!"

Peanut Butter Berry Delight can be used as a snack for some and as a meal for others.  Regardless of how you use it, it's a delicious, protein-packed snack to help you no matter what your goals are!

-3/4 cup of plain, Fage 2% Greek Yogurt (if you want it as a meal, then go 1.5 cups)

-1 tbsp of all-natural peanut butter

-1 cup of frozen berries

-mix it up in a bowl


Total Calories:  290(ish) calories

Fat:  11.5 grams

Carbs:  26 grams

Protein:  20 grams

IF USED AS A MEAL (1.5 cups of Greek yogurt)

Total Calories:  565(ish) calories

Fat:  23 grams (2 tbsp of peanut butter + Greek yogurt)

Carbs:  39 grams (1.5 cups of berries + Greek yogurt)

Protein:  50 grams (1/2 scoop of whey protein powder + Greek yogurt)

EAT SLOWLY and enjoy!

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