My Productivity Last Week Sucked

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021

It wasn't because I wasn't feeling well.

It wasn't because I had a much higher workload than normal.

There was nothing new going on during my day that made it more difficult to be productive.

My lack of productivity was due to poor sleep. 

One night Calvin barged in the bedroom in the middle of the night.

Two nights the temperature was too warm in the house.

One of the other nights I simply think I was getting into my own head for not having slept well the other 3 nights.

Poor sleep crept into my day in the form of not being as mentally sharp, anxiety being difficult to manage, and being more easily distracted than normal.

If you're focusing on making improvements in your life, no matter what the area of your life is, be sure that you're getting enough sleep and creating an environment that allows for your best quality of sleep. 

We can't overemphasize enough sleeps importance on not only our health right now, but for our future, older self as well.

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Mike Coval

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