Make Sure That You're Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Mike Coval
January 5, 2021

This is a very trying time on so many levels which means that it is all the more important to be taking care of yourself; physically and mentally.

All of the healthy habits that we've discussed in the past have become more even more important and not just for the sake of your immune system.

Your mental health is at risk here too.  If you take social isolation along with a decrease in physical activity and sprinkle some poor eating habits on top with a side of poor sleep quality to top it off and you can have a recipe for going into a dark place.

Times are tough.  Do your best to make sure that you're dialing in on these areas the best that you possibly can.  If you need help getting into (or back into) your routine, then shoot me your questions and I'll do a live Q&A in the "COVAL Family" Facebook group this week to answer your question(s).  I can guarantee that you aren't the only one with said question(s).

If things are really bad, and you need professional help, then please don't wait any longer and call your therapist/find a therapist OR call one of the relevant hotlines on this site.

Be safe.  Be well.  Be nice to one another 🙂

Much love & respect,


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Mike Coval

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