Life is a Marathon, But Sometimes It's a Sprint

Mike Coval
February 2, 2021

I was reminded of this as I put my nose to the grindstone over the past week putting the "finishing touches" to the new side of my business as it launches today (online).

Waking up at 3AM twice last week to get work done that needed to be done (can't wait for the "how are you preaching getting enough sleep, Mike?" messages :-))

Each and every day 16 hours each day of fluctuating my energy and focus depending on if I was coaching on the floor or having to knock out a massive list of items....or to simply tell myself to keep pushing.

I pushed the gas pedal HARD last week...and now I let off for a couple of nights to let my body and my mind regroup.

Knowing how to manage our energy is so key to many aspects of life. Run yourself ragged for too long and you burn out. Go too easy and you will rarely if ever achieve goals that you set for yourself.

Like everything in life, learning to effectively manage our energy is a process.

As long as we're conscious of it, committed to "better", and acting on it, then we will continue to move in the right direction and along the way accomplish some pretty amazing stuff.

Conscious. Committed. Taking action.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bed 🙂

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