Know Your ABC's

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021

Up until a month ago, depending on the day I would wake up between 5 & 630.  When I went back to coaching I made the commitment to wake up at 430 AM every day.  I needed to get my body into a rhythm and a consistent schedule.  I don't HAVE to be up at 430 AM, but I choose to because 3 days per week I need to be at the gym by 5:15.

I'm lights out no later than 1030 and I fall asleep FAST.

My normal weight is between 179-183 pounds depending on the day.  Now, up until last week I was going as low as 178 and as high as 189 lbs. 

That's an 11-pound fluctuation!

Why the sudden drastic fluctuations in weight?  I wasn't eating any differently…or so I thought.

When I stopped and thought about it on the days that I coach first thing in the morning, I was eating as soon as I woke up.  I'd get home from the gym at 9PM on those days and have a light dinner before bed.

So, on the days that I was coaching I had a nearly 17-hour eating window and clearly was overeating on those days.  This is where Intermittent Fasting would become a good strategy for me as I restrict my eating window and thus decrease the number of opportunities to eat.  This will likely result in better balance day-to-day with my total caloric intake (it has…maintained 181-183 all last week).

The lesson?

When we start to have unfavorable outcomes in our lives it is most beneficial for us to stop what we're doing and assess what we have been doing.  Often times, people (including myself) can be quick to react, not honest with themselves, and then look for solutions outside of ourselves that more than likely won't give us any long-term progress. 

Assess.  Be Honest.  Course correct. #NowIKnowMyABCs


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Mike Coval

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