Keeping Ann Arbor Area Restaurants Alive & Eating Healthy:

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021

Today is going to be a little bit different than previous installments in this series. We will cover one restaurant and then after that I have a link to an article that highlights 5 Ann Arbor restaurants / breweries / coffee shops that have gotten super creative with their outdoor seating arrangements.


Now, I've never been to Banditos but I've heard clients talk about it and it's a spot that I need to get out to.

With most Mexican restaurants there's a pretty nice rule of thumb that you can use to make your entree's a bit more healthy when you go.

1) Pick a protein

2) Ask for no tortillas or sour cream

3) Double up on veggies

It's that simple.

And no, it won't ruin the taste of your food either. If the sour cream is a big issue for you, then buy some 0% fat Greek Yogurt and throw a spoon full on your meal when you get home.

You can check out Bandito's menu by clicking here.*

*Reminder: Banditos is no longer downtown. They've been on the Northside off Plymouth Road for a period of time now.

Article to 5 Ann Arbor Restaurants Operating Outside

Resilience and creativity are two characteristics that I admire & respect.

These 5 places are showcasing both at a high level. You have to operating a restaurant in Michigan right now.

Click here for the article.

Final Note: I've had a few of you reach out and let me know that you've read these emails and purchased take-out from some of the restaurants that I've mentioned. That really means a lot to me and I'm proud of the fact that we're doing our part to help out hard-working entrepreneurs of Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. Keep it up!

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