"It's Not A Party Unless You Do Something That Scares You"

Mike Coval
February 26, 2021

That's a quote from Robert California, a character played by James Spader in The Office.

Now, although in the context of the scene in which he said that does not apply in the slightest bit to what I'm writing about today (although it is hilarious), it does apply to our lives when you read it purely for what the quote is.

When I hear this quote I think about being scared in my own life.

There's elements of fear that I like.

Competition. Being out in nature and not knowing if I will come across a bear, wolf, or some other apex predator (obviously this is just when I travel and not specific to here in the Ann Arbor area). Riding in a Lamborghini at felonious speeds (thanks, Chris).

Then there are elements of fear that can be paralyzing.

You know, the stuff that you know are good for you, but they terrify the hell out of you. Usually it's because we're afraid of failing and looking foolish.

These are the hardest things to overcome.

Over the past few years I've worked on tackling more things that terrify me because I know what's on the other end if I don't do those things; regret. And if I do choose to pursue them then there's always a growth involved. It's become a no-brainer.

I've lived with regret in my life. I've done my best to let that regret go, but I've vowed to myself to not not take action out of fear of failure.

I'd rather fail and live with that than not try or half-ass it and make excuses as to why I wasn't successful. In the latter circumstance, not only do I have regret to live with, but I'd usually be bitter about it too.

I've been there and done that. I'm not interested in living life and letting fear dictate my current life or my future (unless it's getting on a roller coaster...not happening).

I'm doing my best to make my life a party that when it's all said and done, I can look back on and tell myself that it was the best damn party that I could have been at.

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