It's Been 10 Years Since I Opened COVAL

Mike Coval
May 3, 2021

May 2nd, 2011.

Seems like an eternity ago. It also feels just like yesterday.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing from a business perspective. I just knew that:

1) I loved coaching people and helping them perform, feel, and look better.

2) I didn't love having constraints of having someone tell me how to do my business

1+2 = open your own gym 🙂

There's been so much adversity along the way, but it's paid me back in plenty of life lessons and a stronger me.

-both my mom and Grandma Coval passed away during that time

-I had two failed engagements

-2, chronic bouts of depression

-2, fires one of which shut us down for a week

-COVID-19 pandemic leaving me not knowing whether or not COVAL would exist on the other side of it, but ultimately lead to the downsizing of the company

With the adversity faced, there's been 10x the amount of success and rewards.

-We've helped over 1,000 people during that time

-Some of the greatest people that I know have come through operating this "gym"

-We've assisted over 30 athletes in helping them in their quest to receive scholarships to compete in either NCAA or NAIA athletics

-We've been in a position to help those less fortunate through contributions to various charities, organizations, and schools. Alzheimer's Association, Humane Society of Huron Valley, Chad Tough, and privately gifting clothes to children in foster care are some of the organizations and causes that we've contributed to. The kids in foster care was a real tear jerker for me.

-selfishly, it's provided a platform for me to continue to educate myself and apply my education further with the clientele I work with while simultaneously challenging me daily with my critical thinking and communication skills.

I can still remember 25 year old me sitting in my office on May 2nd of 2011.

It was shortly after 8AM. I had just finished my first official session in the new facility. I was anxious to log in to my bank account to check my checking account as the night before when I was in there I had $97 left after paying for all of the buildout and initial costs of opening.

$97 in my account. Over $80k in student loan debt. And I hadn't even established a proven, consistent business model yet that guaranteed me recurring monthly revenue which would ultimately determine if the business would carry on.

I was anxious, but lucky for me I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder and had the attitude of "screw it...if I fall flat on my face and fail, then so be it" which allowed me to get past taking the first step.

Upon logging on to my account, the first two transactions had gone through for the morning. I felt a HUGE load lifted off my shoulders for the moment, but really had no idea what to expect moving forward.

Little did I know it would result in me, 10 years later, sending an email to all of you to say THANK YOU!

The amount of support that you all have shown me and this brand over the past decade has been incredible.

I don't care if you're somebody who still comes in, someone who used to come in, but no longer does, or if you're simply someone who has never worked with me, but have supported me from afar by reading this emails, following COVAL on social media, or those who are doing neither but have supported me and helped me in the past......

Thank you. Truly. Without you all, COVAL doesn't happen.

Much love, respect, and appreciation,


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Mike Coval

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Coval Fitness is a Personal Training Studio and Gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan
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