"I'm Getting Old"

Mike Coval
June 14, 2021

I hear this line and variations of it, and man, I do NOT like it.

It's a self-limiting belief that has been perpetuated by mass media all the way to down from individual to individual.

It's short-sighted and binary.

Can things get a bit tougher as we get older? Sure, but it's not a death sentence.

And I'm sure I'm gonna catch some flack from my 50+ crowd of how young I am and maybe even a couple of "just wait 'til you're my age" messages, but I'm not speaking to you directly. I'm speaking to EVERYONE.

I hear people my age (35) use this line.

I hear people 10 years younger than me use this line.

Knees start hurting (or any other joint, or any other decline in health is present)....must be because I'm getting older. Might be, but it's more likely because you:

-move less than when you were younger

-you're not optimizing your nutrition

-you're not getting enough sleep

-you put unrealistic demands on your body given your current shape and capacity and then your knees start fighting back in the form of pain

It also might be that you were doing things for years that weren't the greatest for your body and the stress has just accumulated over time and now you're having pain, low energy levels, a drastic decrease in performance, or any other health or fitness related issue.

The good news is that you can break away from this mindset. It takes time, but it helps by taking action one small step at a time.

We're only going to continue to get older. Might as well kick ass while doing so and not allow our age to play a factor as much as it tends to.

I've got two people in mind that don't allow age (one is 61 and the other is 75) to play a role in what they can and can't do.

Their mindset allows them to travel the world, snowboard, water ski, be first response for national natural disasters, and many other awesome and amazing things.

Maybe you don't have aspirations to live life like that and it's totally fine, but then we start to look at basic abilities that we lose overtime that result in us losing our independence (i.e. full range of motion squat, reach behind our backs, etc.).

Regardless of what your goals are, it is wise to focus on staying active and keeping our minds engaged so that we can thrive for many years to come.

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