"I Know I'm Not An Athlete...."

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021

I've heard this quote many times.  It's usually followed by a comment that implies that I would rather work with athletes than non-athletes.

I understand why people have said this to me.  Our society glorifies athletes.  The decision to train a high-level recruit high school basketball player vs the 40 something mother of 3 who's trying lose weight and get rid of her knee pain would seem like a no-brainer to most.

However, I can't tell you how far from the truth this really is.

If one's goal is to be praised on social media and fame, then yes, training the high-level athlete is more attractive.

But, external validation isn't why I do what I do.  I do what I do because it's fulfilling to me.

I'll break it down as simply as I can.

This whole coaching experience is very rewarding and fulfilling.  It doesn't matter who I'm working with.  All I want is someone who WANTS to get better.  There are many shades of "better".

Here are a few examples of "better" that have been some of my favorite stories over the years.

1) 75-year-old man with a neurological disorder was finally able to tie his shoe for the first time in years after training with me for a few months.

2)  A mother of 4 eliminated knee pain and got stronger than she had ever been which allowed her to manage her son who has quadriplegia CP in his wheelchair.  A complete game-changer for their family dynamic.

3) 72-year-old woman reversing osteoporosis in specific joint segments of her body.  Others she was able to go from osteoporosis to osteopenia.

4)  A middle-aged woman who had a tumor growth on her vestibular and cochlear nerves that required surgery years ago, but left her with very poor balance, weak, and fearful that she would never be able live a regular life.  She dedicated herself to years of training and is now performing physical tasks that seemed impossible 5+ years ago.

If you're serious about getting "better", then you're my people.  Getting "better" is what makes the experience with each client, regardless of background, incredibly meaningful and powerful for me.

Not only that, but you're all getting trained in some capacity as athletes whether you know it or not 🙂

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