Does It Bother You Enough?

Mike Coval
January 7, 2021

In 2012, my mentor listed me on his website as a "trusted resource" within his network on his website.  My name made it up there with 9 other people within our industry and every single one of them had more pull and recognition in our industry than I did at the time.  I was shocked to be on the list.  Honestly, I thought my mentor didn't think that much of me on a professional level.  I almost messaged him asking him if he made a mistake.

In 2014, he told me to my face, "I'm proud of you, man."  I didn't even know what to say back.  Again, I was overcome with shock.  There wasn't anyone walking the planet that I had more respect for. Him saying that he was proud of me meant a helluva lot to me. 

Not too long after he told me he was proud of me, I finally had the courage to ask him "Bill, why did you put me as a trusted resource on your website?  In my eyes, it seems that you have so many more people in your network that are better than me."

That's when he smirked and told me:

"Because I've seen what you've done since you were an intern with us.  You've worked your ass off and you've gotten really good at what you do.  I trust that if I were to send someone to you, that you would take great care of them.

I knew you were going to be successful when you were an intern.  I remember when we were discussing energy systems and how much it pained you that you didn't understand what we were discussing.  After we were done talking, I remember you sitting up against a wall, with your notebook in your lap, face in your hands, and trying to put everything together that we had just discussed.  It pained you too much for you to not become successful."

He was right.  I gave too many shits not to have success.  I thought about how I could become a better coach all of the time (and I still do 11 years later).  When I wasn't at the gym, I was skipping nights out with friends so I could read books, watch courses, attend courses, and read studies and articles. 

Not living up to my potential bothered me.  It bothered me a lot.  It bothers me still.

And it doesn't bother me only when I react to situations where I realize that if I was "better" then I could be more of an asset to a client.  It bothers me when I'm alone at home, driving in my car, or even when I'm taking a shower I think about how I can get "better". 

Embracing the pain behind your "why" can be a powerful thing and is something I believe is a part of the equation when it comes to success no matter what you're attempting to get "better" at.

Find what bothers you and embrace it and not only when it is convenient.  Channel the pain of your "why" and use it as a tool to help you succeed.

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Mike Coval

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