COVAL Fitness Online Launches 6/21: Are You In?

Mike Coval
May 19, 2021

I've been talking about COVAL Fitness Online for a few months now and starting 6/21 I will launch the online Facebook group for CFO!

As I mentioned before, there is going to be a lot of content that focuses on developing healthy habits, a different perspective on your health & wellness journey, and a change in your mindset and psychology so that you can be living a higher quality of life in all aspects of your life!

Members of CFO will get access to healthy lifestyle, habit building programs that are delivered to them through the COVAL Coaching app. Some of the initial programs that will be available when CFO launches are listed below.

"Core Nutrition Habit Course" - this program is 41 days and will cover 5 different habits that will seem basic, but I can assure you if you do them 90% of the time, you will see amazing results during that 41 day period and beyond!

"Hydration Program" - a 28-day program that helps you increase your water consumption. If you're someone who struggles with your water intake (40 oz or less per day), then this will be a fantastic program for you to follow so that you can feel all the benefits of drinking enough to support optimal function of your mind and your body!

"Movement Program" - 29-day program that helps you get in more movement throughout the week. If you're only working out 1-3x per week, then this program will not only help you see positive changes with your body, but mentally you will feel better than you have in a very long time!

"Power Up with a Power Smoothie"- this is a great program for those who are struggling with consistency of healthy food choices. A "Power Smoothie" is a great addition to your routine and this program will show you how to build them and implement them into your daily/weekly routine.

"The Better Sleep Program" - sleep is a struggle for many and this program is geared to help you not only get more sleep but better quality of sleep. If your troubles with sleep relate to a traumatic event in your past, then I highly recommend you skip this program and seek professional help. This program is 28 days.

"Sugar Free Me" - added sugars and ultra-processed foods can derail our progress and kicking them to the curb for a month can do wonders for not only your progress, but helping you realize that you don't need those foods and that you won't miss those foods. This program is 28 days.

"Vegetable Challenge" - we all know that veggies are good for us, but they're a challenge for most of us to get in enough on a daily basis. This 30-day program will help get you right and on track while helping you find tasty solutions to consuming your veggies!

The Insiders List

If you wish to get on the Insiders List, then simply respond to this email and let me know. If you responded to my email I sent out a little over a month ago to get on the IL, then no need to reply to this email. For those who do get on the IL, I will have a nice little deal for your first month.

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