COVAL Fitness Move is Complete!

Mike Coval
June 8, 2021

You might have noticed I fell off track with my emails and it was 100% because the move kicked my ass 🙂

The move started on the Friday before Labor Day and was completed last Tuesday morning. I'm just now starting to feel a bit recharged hence why I'm late with sending out content to everyone.

I've included a panoramic shot of the new spot at the end of the email, but before I show that off I want to send a big thank you out to those who helped with the move.

A major thank you to my wife, Heba, who not only helped a ton on Sunday and Monday with organizing my office and the front area, but she has also continued to organize my office and help plan with upcoming modifications and renovations that will need to be made. She always goes above and beyond and I'm very grateful for her.

One of my best friends growing up and to this day, J. At all of the facilities I've moved into he's put his handyman skills to work and helped me out tremendously (side note: if you have any home remodel needs, then I highly recommend he and his dad's company, Double L Construction. They recently built out a full bath and laid out the floor for Heba and I in our basement and it's some serious high-quality work).

Same goes to Jill. She did a big chunk of work on Memorial Day, but continues to help me with a smooth transition. We don't call her "The Enforcer" for nothing 🙂

Austin put on his heavy lifting shoes on both Friday and Saturday. Many thanks, mah dude.

The two Gavins...Lacrosse Gavin spent all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and most of Monday helping me out with the heavy lifting. You're the man, Gav! Football Gavin who came out for the heavy lifting on Saturday and Sunday. I appreciate you brother.

Also a big thank you to Jacob and Frank who put in some long hours with me on Saturday and Sunday. They could have been tons of other things in their lives, but chose to help me out instead.

Not any less important, but I've gotta wrap this email up so it doesn't turn into a novel, I've gotta say thank you to:

Dev, Trev, Coop, Samer, Joel, G, Tommy, Greg, X, Dave, Caitlin, Stacey, and my nephew, Tyler, for all of their help.

This is the 4th location for COVAL, but it's not the last. The last location is next. 4 years from now. Make sure you stay in the loop because this is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the new space and here's to 4 amazing years!

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Mike Coval

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Coval Fitness is a Personal Training Studio and Gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan
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