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August 2, 2021
Kicking Off Monday With a FREE Gift!

I've had a number of my online clients in the past ask questions like: "How do I know when I should go up in weight?" "How do I determine how much weight to use?" "What if I'm not feeling my normal self and my energy is low? Should I work out?" One of my goals […]

July 30, 2021
"Your Blood Doesn't Lie"

I can't remember who I heard this from, but it stuck with me when I heard it a few years back. Those of you who are current clients of mine or know me on a personal level know how much I've struggled with fluctuations in energy levels on a daily basis and chronic migraines. I […]

July 28, 2021
Transform & Perform Challenge Coming at You This September!

Last January I had 22 people participate in the first installment of my Transform & Perform program. On average, participants lost 3.5% of their starting bodyweight %. This was an AVERAGE of all participants with some outliers (5) who lost over 6% of their initial starting bodyweight. I share that because the short-term results are […]

"Are Carbs for Breakfast Bad For You?"
"Be Less Impressed, Get More Involved"
"Don't Judge People Based on the Color of Their Skin"
"How Did It Feel?"
"I Haven't Been Doing What I Know I Should Be Doing"
"I Know I'm Not An Athlete...."
"I Think What You're Doing Is Very Cool"
"I'm Getting Old"
"I'm Gonna Dunk When I'm 70"
"It's Not A Party Unless You Do Something That Scares You"
"My Posture is Terrible!"
"So What?"
"Tiny Habits" To Create Success
"Try Harder" is Rarely The Solution
"Want to Look Great Naked?"
"Why Do You Ask So Many Questions?"
"Yesterday Was My Best Day Since August 1st!!!"
"Your Blood Doesn't Lie"
1 Quick, Easy Way to Undue the Stress of Sitting At A Desk All Day
10 Spots Open For Custom Online Program Design
10 Things You Can Do When You Have No Idea What To Do
17 Ways to Increase Your Daily Step Count
2 Cases of Arson + 1 Unhappy Tenant = 1 Premature Move: Part 1
2 Cases of Arson + 1 Unhappy Tenant = 1 Premature Move: Part 2
2 Seasons to Remember: Ann Arbor Huron Boys Varsity Basketball
2 Weeks Away from 8 Week Transform & Perform Program Starting!!!
3 Ways to Feel Better, Perform Better, and Decrease the Chances of Dealing with Aches and Pains
A $16,000 Mistake
A 20 Second Email on Responsibility of Self
A 5 Minute Protein Snack for the Fall
A Different Take on How to Influence and Create Change
A Few Reasons Why My Grandpa Coval is Thriving at 94 Years-Old
A Follow Up on "Fun"
A Laundry List of Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health Right Now
A Lesson We Can Learn from My Ann Arbor Basketball Players
A New Way to Plank
A Nice Little Ego Stroke
A Preview of COVAL Fitness Online
A Quick Word on Perspective
A Quick, Easy Way to Get Back On Track With Good Habits During This Time
A Real Life Scenario on How To Eat What You Love, But Still Make Progress
A Review of Planners to Help You Manage Your Life
A Simple Explanation to Help You Understand Your Training Programs Better
A Story of Perseverance & Passion: Harry
A Video on 2 Things to Help You With Long-Term Nutrition Success
Acknowledging that “Everything is Everything”
An Action Plan for You to Start Having Success
An Easy Way to Make Progress with Whatever Challenge You Face
An Epiphany That I Had on Vacation
An Example of Why You Should Be Doing Your "Resets" More Than You Are (Picture Included)
Being Someone Else Is Exhausting
Break or Build Your Habit Loop (Part 1 & 2)
COVAL Fitness Move is Complete!
COVAL Fitness Online is LIVE!
COVAL Fitness Online Launches 6/21: Are You In?
Does It Bother You Enough?
Eat Healthy AND Support Local Restaurants
Eating healthy isn't easy during the holidays - Do What's BEST for YOU!
Eating the right amount is just as important as what you eat!
Eating the right foods and the right amount is important.
Effective Weight Management - Part 1
Final Call for Holiday Hustle Challenge at COVAL
FREE Basic Nutrition Infographic Inside!
FREE Sleep Resource Document Inside
Hanging By A Thread: A Final Word
Hanging By A Thread: Part 1
Hanging By A Thread: Part 2
Happy Holidays & An Update on the Newsletter
How Exercise Can Actually Be Bad For Your Long Term Mental Health
How Genuine Happiness for Others Can Elevate Your Own Success
How Much Is It Worth To You?
How to "Eminem" Yourself In Order to Move Beyond Your Past
How to Become More Accountable for Yourself
How to Get Someone to Do What You Want Them To
How to Have an Honest Conversation with Yourself: Part 1
How to Have An Honest Conversation With Yourself: Part 2
I've Got Nothing For You Today
If You Told Me That I Could Do Less Work, Get More Results
Important Announcement Regarding My Availability
In the End, Simple Wins
Is This Helpful ?
It Gets Written Down, Or It Doesn’t Get Done
It's Been 10 Years Since I Opened COVAL
It's Been One Year, But Seems Like an Eternity
It's Getting Cold & Dark, Avoid Letting Your Mental Health Follow Suit
It's Time For The Ultimate Fall Into Fitness Challenge!
Keeping Ann Arbor Area Restaurants Alive & Eating Healthy:
Keeping Ann Arbor Area Restaurants Alive & Eating Healthy: Zingerman's Roadhouse
Keeping Ann Arbor Restaurants Alive & Eating Healthy: Jolly Pumpkin
Keeping Ann Arbor Restaurants Alive & Eating Healthy: Ravens Club, Mani Osteria, Isalita's
Keeping Ann Arbor Restaurants Alive & Eating Healthy: - Seva's
Keeping Ann Arbor Restaurants Alive & Eating Healthy: Loomi Cafe & Fresh Forage
Kicking Off Monday With a FREE Gift!
Know Your ABC's
Lesson Learned on The Power of Habit
Let's Get Physical…Physical
Life is a Marathon, But Sometimes It's a Sprint
Lots of COVAL Fitness Updates
Make Sure That You're Taking Care of Your Mental Health
MAP Out Your Habits
March Madness Life Lessons
Master the Basics
Movement is The Answer
Must Do Exercise for Runners & Those Who Train Like Athletes
My Productivity Last Week Sucked
Need a way to energize your workout? Check out our YouTube Channel!
New COVAL Location Starting in June!
Okay, So How Did the "No Snacking Challenge" Work For You?
One Honest Truth to Long-Term Success
One of the Best Forms of Therapy
One of the Biggest Contributors to Your Success
One of the biggest contributors to your success - Self Awareness
One of the Most Misinterpreted Adages: The 10,000 Hour Rule
One Rarely Discussed Secret to Long Term Success
One Vital Component to Forming A New Habit
Optimize The Environment For The Best Version of You
Peanut Butter Berry Delight
People Only Know What They See
Please Help Me Fight Child Hunger Here in Washtenaw County!
Purpose or Pain will Create the Change
Read This if You Want A Story That Will Inspire You
Reassessing A Very Famous Quote
Reflecting On An Email I Sent Out Over A Year Ago
Reminder: COVAL Moves Next Week!!!
Russel Wilson Invests $1 Million Per Year Into His Mind And Body
Setting Non-Negotiables In Your Life
Setting Realistic Expectations
Shout Out to The Parents Out There!
Smoothies That Actually Benefit You: Part 1
Smoothies That Actually Benefit You: Part 2
Smoothies That Actually Benefit You: Part 3
Something Bad Happened to Them....
Sometimes You Just Need to Show Up
Sometimes, Success is All About Timing
Success Story Friday - John!
Thanks For An Incredible 2019 - Happy New Year 2020!
The All or Nothing Mentality Has to Go
The Connection of Business Culture & The Individual
The Curse of Comparing Yourself to Others
The Curse of the "Arm Chair Quarterback
The Danger of Setting New Years Resolutions
The Email Meant For A Loved One, Not For You
The Lies That We Tell Ourselves Can Become Truths
The Most Basic, Yet Effective Nutrition Advice for 2021
The Most NEAT Email That You Will Ever Read
The New Year is here. The ball is in your court. What will you do?
The No Snacking Challenge
The ONE Core Exercise You Should Be Doing
The Power of Knowing Yourself
The Power of Writing Things Down
The Recipe Everyone Was Asking For
The Rock" Shows You a Quick Way to Get People to Hate You
The Value of Being True to You & Knowing What You Want: Part 1
The Value of Being True to You & Knowing What You Want: Part 2
The Value of Being True to You & Knowing What You Want: Part 3
This Weeks Edition of COVAL Fam Friday
Tomorrow Marks 9 Years That COVAL Has Existed
Transform & Perform Challenge Coming at You This September!
Tying This All Together & Making Things Easier
Unlock Your Future By Writing Your "Vivid Vision"
Use the "Little Brother" to your advantage!
Walk The Weight Off
What You Eat Can Determine How Many Calories You Burn
What Are Your Non-Negotiables?
What to Do When Progress Stalls
What to Do When the Stress & Weight Pile On
What's The Most Interesting Way that You've Built or Broken a Habit?
Who Are You Living For?
Why I Love Zingerman's
Why I Wear A Backpack Everywhere That I Go
Why I'm Not As Passionate About Foam Rolling As I Used to Be
Why Resets are Important
Will (Action), At (Time) In (Location)
You Have to Be Honest with Yourself
You Need to Be HERE, In Order to Get THERE.
You Never Know What Kind of Impact You're Having on Someone
Your Diet Won't Save You
Your Life and Momentum

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