"Be Less Impressed, Get More Involved"

Mike Coval
February 10, 2021

I'm listening to Matthew McConaughey's new book "Greenlights" on Audible right now and he mentioned this quote; "Be Less Impressed, Get More Involved".

As I often do when listening to a book/podcast, I heard something that inspired me and then went into my own world getting all introspective while the audio keeps playing.

I though to myself "oooo, I like that." But why did I like that?

It made me think about myself and my daily actions. I think about the time that I waste on social media scrolling at what others are doing rather than focusing on myself and what I need to be doing.

Get more involved with myself and those that I serve and less impressed with what others are doing.

It made me think about things that I've achieved in the past. I have this weird dynamic with myself. Whenever I accomplish something, even if signifcant, I'll play it off like it's no big deal. You will not only see this in my behavior if we discuss the accomplishment, but I truly believe it's not that big of a deal....until I let it simmer in my mind for long enough and then I start buying into the hype. For me, this is a danger zone. I know where this belief leads me. I become more complacent and more entitlted. As soon as I feel it coming on, I shut it down. I don't ever, no matter how much good I do or how much I achieve, want to get to that place. I was that person as a kid growing up.

Be less impressed with myself and more involved with striving for "better".

I also think of my client and friend, Marc, who is 60 years old, but I'd say lives this motto to the fullest. That guy is so involved (snowboarding, water skiing, downhill mountain biking, putting on conferences that strive to change his industry...living his life and going hard as if he were half his age) that he doesn't have time to be impressed...not by others, nor himself.

Be less impressed, get more involved

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