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"The people of Ann Arbor deserve a individualized approach to their fitness and nutrition"

COVAL wasn't born just because Mike is passionate about helping people.

COVAL was born because the people of Ann Arbor wanted an experience that is more individualized and focuses on their fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. They deserved to have the option available to them.

There are plenty of options for you to get into a class with a dozen other people where everyone is doing the same program. You’re getting the same general coaching advice for life outside of the gym like everyone else. What works for one person doesn’t always work for everyone. At COVAL we keep things personal.

Hard Work + Passion = Incredible Results

After only 21 days at COVAL you’ll feel right at home. The results you experience within the first few weeks will leave you feeling confident that COVAL is the studio offering personal training in Ann Arbor that can help you get the results that you want while making you feel like family!

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Mike Coval

Owner / Founder / Visionary
Mike is the owner, and founder, of COVAL Fitness in Ann Arbor, MI. Mike’s passion has always lied within the realm of human performance, but it wasn’t until he interned with Indianapolis Fitness & Sports Training (IFAST, named one of America’s Top 10 Gym’s by Men’s Health) that he realized he not only enjoyed helping athletes, but non-athletes that were striving to lose weight, rid chronic aches and pains, and improve their performance both in and out of the gym.

Mike noticed that although the people of Ann Arbor had countless options to engage in when it came to their health & fitness, there wasn’t anything that was tailored to the individual here in Ann Arbor; everything was group based. Coupling his passion for not only health & fitness, but his desire to provide a high-quality, training service that focused on the individual and developing strong, impactful relationships with each person Mike decided to give the people of Ann Arbor that option by opening COVAL Fitness back in May of 2011.

During his 13 years of coaching, Mike has helped a wide range of clientele from a 90 year old grandfather with Alzheimer’s to NBA basketball players to everything in between.

Mike’s goal with COVAL is to help each person that walks through the door find success and happiness while utilizing a holistic approach that helps them shift their relationship with their body, mind, and their health.

In his spare time Mike enjoys playing basketball, watching basketball, lifting weights (shocker, right ????), reading & spending time with his wife, Heba, & their 3 dogs (especially Calvin).

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from Western Michigan University
Professional Certifications: USAW Sports Performance Level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 1 (Pn 1) Nutrition Coach, Strongfirst (SFG) Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor, FRC (Functional Range Conditioning)


Fitness & Performance Coach
Jess is a Fitness & Performance Coach at COVAL.

Jess grew up an athlete and went on to play hockey at the University of Michigan, where her passion for fitness and total body wellness emerged as a means of improving her own health and on ice performance. Becoming a student of nutrition and exercise, she immersed herself in upper level Kinesiology classes, as well as anything regarding anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychology, and exercise/performance that she could get her hands on (a practice she continues to this day).

Jess believes that the gym is merely a training ground to strengthen one’s body and mind for improved performance in sport and in life. Jess’ commitment goes beyond the exercise floor, and she feels fortunate to be a part of the COVAL community where her passion for health and wellness can be shared with members on and off of the floor.

Jess believes in the constant pursuit of strength and knowledge, using both as a means to build confidence in one’s abilities. She aims to inspire others to recognize their true potential and invest purposeful effort in their own development in order to maximize their life experience.

Jess’ hobbies include ice hockey, Strongman training, reading, writing, listening to and discovering new music, attending concerts, and hanging out with her wife and their two dogs.

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Movement Science from the University of Michigan Professional Certifications:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS)


Facility Manager
Jill is the Facility Manager at Coval Fitness & Sports Performance, and her primary focus is to ensure gym operations are always running smoothly. She enjoys assisting clients in any way she can, and strives to provide an exceptional membership experience for all.

Jill started her health and fitness journey about 5 years ago, realizing that she needed to make some big changes in order to be a healthier and happier version of herself. Through this process, she tried several different fitness programs looking for a gym home, and eventually landed at COVAL as a training client. She could see quickly that the entire COVAL team believed in what they are doing, and their passion shined bright. It was the perfect blend of personalization and community. That was it for her, and this would be her gym home.

She loved being at COVAL so much, that she jumped at chance to work there when the opportunity presented itself. She would get to be part of a team whose entire mission is to help motivate and encourage others to be better versions of themselves, and that was going to be awesome.

What she loves most about working at COVAL is the family atmosphere and sense of belonging for all who enter the door. The clients and staff are truly amazing, and it is simply just a great place to be!

In her spare time, Jill enjoys spending time with her family and friends, working out, educating herself on the mind-body connection, and traveling.


Fitness & Performance Coach
Anmar was born and raised in Ann Arbor where he played and competed at the highest levels in soccer throughout his youth and into adulthood. He was ultimately recruited to play soccer for Eastern Michigan University, and still plays soccer competitively for Michigan United.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Eastern, Anmar turned his love for soccer and passion for athletics toward coaching and substitute teaching for Ann Arbor Public Schools for the better part of the last ten years. He coached various sports including soccer, track, cross-country, wrestling, volleyball and basketball, and led many teams to win city championships.

After developing a love for coaching, Anmar decided to make a career change and wanted to do more to help people achieve their athletic/fitness goals. Anmar provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere for his clients and lives by three simple words “Care. Train. Repeat.”

Certifications: American Council of Exercise (ACE)


Fitness & Performance Coach
Thomas is a Fitness and Performance Coach and Internship Coordinator at COVAL Fitness & Sports Performance in Ann Arbor, MI. He enjoys helping clients feel comfortable in a gym setting by guiding them through movements in a pain-free manner. Thomas is passionate about influencing other aspiring coaches and passing on his knowledge to prepare them to work with clients. He continuously pursues further education to ensure he can help clients and coaches improve to the best of his ability.

In his spare time, Thomas enjoys being outdoors, reading, and watching or participating in sports.

Degree: BS in Movement Science from the University of Michigan

Certifications: ACE Personal Training

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