A Simple Explanation to Help You Understand Your Training Programs Better

Mike Coval
January 2, 2021
If COVAL had a curriculum for clients to read/view, then the video at the end of this article would definitely be at the top of the list. Watch this & you will understand why we aren't in a huge rush to load people up too quickly (especially when they first start) even if it is frustrating to the client that we don't allow them to go heavy right off the get go. After you watch the video, you will understand why we ask: "how did you sleep / how much stress / what has your nutrition been like the past few days?"  When you are having aches & pains. Or why when you might say "well, my (insert professional) told me that my one hip is higher than the other" isn't something that you should worry about too much because we all have our asymmetries, dysfunctions, and structural issues, it's just that some of us are symptomatic and some aren't Click here to watch the video.

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Mike Coval

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Coval Fitness is a Personal Training Studio and Gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan
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