A Review of Planners to Help You Manage Your Life

Mike Coval
January 5, 2021

I've tried my fair share of planners.  This post isn't to tell you which is best.  "Best" is whatever best suites you and may not be appropriate for the next person.

Productivity Planner

This used to be the one that I used for almost two years straight.  I'm giving a new planner a try now and I'm liking it, so I'm not sure that I will go back, but I highly recommend it.

Click here to check out the Productivity Planner.

The High Performance Planner

This is the planner that I'm currently using & I love it.  I don't use it the way that it is intended, but what I did is what I recommend everybody do and that's figure out how it works best for you.  Break the rules.  Color outside the lines.  

Random side note:  I almost failed Pre-K.  My teacher told my mom that I had a hard time following rules and was very stubborn.  The example she used that she instructed me to color Grover, from Sesame Street, red.  I said "no because Grover is blue so I'm going to color him blue."  As a grown man, integrity is one of my core values.  Apparently, it was at 4 years old as well (insert laughing emoji)

Click here to check out The High Performance Planner.

Michael Hyatt's Full Focus Planner

I gave this one a try and to be honest it wasn't for me.  There was too many details to track and the flow of the planner didn't work for me, but it might for you!

Click here to check out Full Focus Planner.

Panda Planner

This is one that I used a couple of years ago.  It didn't work out for me because for the opposite reason that FF planner didn't work for me; it didn't have enough structure.  However, I just went back and looked at the website and it looks like they have updated their model to make it more structured and it looks like a solid option if you're looking for a more formal way to track your life.

Click here to check out Panda Planner.

*I receive no commission from any of these sites if you decide to purchase a planner.  I'm simply sharing my own experience with the hope that my experience enhances your own.

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