A Quick Word on Perspective

Mike Coval
June 28, 2021

I started digging into one of the coolest books that I've ready in quite some time. It's called "The Great Mental Models: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology". In short, they take models found within physics, chemistry, and biology and explain how we can implement them into our lives.

In the first chapter they cover the concept of relativity. Within that chapter they touch on the subjectivity of perspective.

"You now know that you are always going to have an imperfect perspective. You will never be able to see everything at once. Nor will you be able to completely trust that everything you do see is viewed by others. What you see is useful but limited. The less willing you are to accept and acknowledge limitations, the less useful your perspective. You will always have limitations to your frame of reference that you need to account for in an effort to better understand reality. You must recognize what these limits are and, in situations where the risks are high or the outcomes important, take steps to augment your perception."

This is a humbling paragraph to read. It's something that I've been working on improving for years and something that I apply to my professional life better than I do my personal life. The paragraph really hit home as being able to expand our perspective is something that I believe is key to making this world that we live in a better place.

"Try putting yourself in their shoes" is something that we have all heard time and time again, but it's something that I feel most have a hard time doing in general or only in situations where it falls in line with their bias.

We have to do better. We can do better. Let's do better.

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