A Lesson We Can Learn from My Ann Arbor Basketball Players

Mike Coval
February 24, 2021

As many of you know, I work with quite a few local high-school basketball players.

I felt for ALL of my kids that I work with during this pandemic, but especially the Ann Arbor basketball kids. I've got quite a few from Huron, one from Skyline, and one from Pioneer.

On multiple occasions they've been given the short-end of the stick on when they can return to play.

During that time though, I NEVER once heard a single complaint out of them.

They just continued to work.

The sad part is that every single one of these kids has interest from colleges that want them to play for their school. The majority of them are seniors.

Still, no complaints. Just working to get better.

Working to be prepared for when the time comes that they could play, then they would be ready.

Working to keep their minds sharp and their mental health in check.

Working to win a state title that they likely would have won last season if it weren't cut short because of the pandemic.

Adversity with no complaints and just work. It's a thing of beauty and I respect and admire these kids for their mindset and commitment.

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Mike Coval

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