A Follow Up on "Fun"

Mike Coval
June 14, 2021

My last email regarding "fun" being key for a adherence in a long-term plan received some mixed feedback. I understand why it did.

1) It was a short write up and I don't think I did a good job of condensing why "fun" is important

2) This goes across the board regardless of the profession, but when we aren't immersed into a particular line of work, then we develop opinions on the information that we have accumulated up to that point in time and it's easy for us to miss to the boat on the deeper workings of that particular profession.

My hope is that I clear things up a bit and provide you with the other side of one's fitness journey that will give you a more well-rounded perspective and appreciation for what people go through when they decide to make changes in their health, fitness, and their lifestyle.

What is "fun"?

Fun = "enjoyment, amusement, or light hearted pleasure"

Fun can be:

-squatting as heavy as you possibly can

-doing drills and lifts that make you feel like more of an athlete

-allowing the client to dictate how many sets they do for the day

-having music on that the client enjoys

-letting the client sub in another lift for one that they hate

-allowing the client to go off the plan for the day and test their upper limits of a certain lift or drill

-strategically getting the client to go through a workout without experiencing pain for the first time in months or even years

-setting them up on a squat rack next to another client that they enjoy interacting with

-engaging with the client in between different subjects in their life that they are excited and/or passionate about

The list goes on and on.

You may have looked a few things on that list with a raised eyebrow, but trust me, these things matter.

However, in my opinion, the most "fun" thing is when clients feel themselves getting better. When they're getting results.

It's a process.

The list that I mentioned above are just brief moments during the process where I might push the plan aside for just one session to give the client what they want...maybe an entire program (depends on if they're physically ready for it - if they aren't, then I explain why it's not a good idea right at that time and then how we can plan for moving forward where they can start doing whatever it is that they desire).

The main goal is to get them to fall in love with the process so that working out becomes a part of their lifestyle forever.

So the process goes something this:

1) Set the plan

2) Coach them through it and progress them appropriately so that they're progressing (i.e. getting stronger, losing body fat, more energy throughout the day, etc)

3) Sprinkle some "fun" in here and there

That way, the process itself becomes the "fun" part and then from time-to-time we sprinkle in some moments of "fun" that are meaningful to each person.

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