3 Ways to Feel Better, Perform Better, and Decrease the Chances of Dealing with Aches and Pains

Mike Coval
January 2, 2021

We covered that posture is very complex in the last newsletter.  Although it is important, obsessing over changing it won't do you as much good as the tips below.

1)  Do your "resets" in your warm-ups DAILY.  

We've mentioned this before and we're doing it again.  They're that important.  They help redistribute stress away from common areas where we place stress on our bodies, activate parts of our brain that help us decompress and relax, allow our bodies to move more efficiently in our workouts, and allow us to get muscles and joints that we're not likely utilizing efficinetly during the day to get some reps in.

2)  If you feel tight or have excessive tension in certain muscle groups regularly, then do your foam rolling DAILY.

At the very least, use the lacrosse ball on your feet every day.  You have fascia that goes all the way from your big toe, runs up your backside, warps around the top of your head, and attaches to your forehead.  This could create a positive change literally from head to toe.

3)  Drink more water.  Seriously.

Water is so essential for all functions of the human body, but specific to the topic of pain it helps with overall joint health, muscle tissue quality, and fascia.

The range of how much of our body is anywhere from 39-71% (age & gender play big roles here), but with that much of your body being water, and then specific areas of the body being composed of high percentages of water (i.e. muscles = 79% & lungs = 81% for example) you should be making sure that you're getting your drink on!

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