1 Quick, Easy Way to Undue the Stress of Sitting At A Desk All Day

Mike Coval
March 1, 2021

With the pandemic, one of the bright spots (for most) has been working from home.

Saving hours per week with no commute.

Saving hours per week with less, pointless meetings.

Having some autonomy with your day.

It's been great!

Although, the one negative consequence that I've heard from a good number of people is that you're sitting more throughout your day.

Not commuting means not walking from your car to your desk and back again every day.

Not going into work means that your trip to the bathroom is now across the hallway rather than across the building.

Not going into work means that your trip the cafeteria is now 30 steps away rather than 300 steps.

It all adds up.

I want you to give this exercise a shot throughout your day. Once in the morning. Once in the afternoon. Hopefully, by the evening you're up and moving around so you won't need another go at it, but feel free to do so. This is one of the most poorly executed movements that I see for "stretching the hip flexors" so make sure that you cue in on the details shared in the video in order to not only get the most benefit, but so that you're not beating up the front side of your hip socket.

This is a video is an example of what my clients in the 8 Week Transform & Perform are getting delivered to them 5x per week every week. My goal is to make it so that my online clients feel like I'm right there with them going through each workout. Based on the comments in the group (see pic below) I'd say we're well on our way there! Still lots of work to do though. Stay tuned....

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